Housing and Energy Services

Homeless Prevention – Emergency Food and Shelter

These services are provided to assist families who are facing a crisis situation with food, shelter, or utilities.

Homeless prevention services can assist families who are facing eviction or utility disconnection in preventing their family from becoming homeless. This program can also assist homeless families with an emergency motel stay and can assist them in securing either temporary or permanent housing.

The Emergency Food and Shelter program may be used for one month’s rent, utilities, or groceries for a short period of time. This assistance is intended for families who need temporary, one-time assistance to resolve an emergency situation.

In addition there may be other services or assistance available to families or individuals who are in need of crisis assistance. Family Development Specialists in each county are knowledgeable of what services may be available to assist a family. If a family has a need, but does not know where to seek assistance for that need, they should contact the Family Development Center in their county. Visit our Find Us page for MATURA locations across the region.


Low-Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP)

The LIHEAP Energy Assistance program is designed to aid qualifying low-income Iowa households at or below 175% poverty in the payment of a portion of their residential heating costs for the winter heating season.

LIHEAP is designed to encourage regular utility payments, promote energy awareness, and encourage reduction of energy usage through energy efficiency, client education, and weatherization.

Energy crisis intervention services also available through this program include:

  • Furnace repair/replacement
  • Emergency fuel delivery and reconnection
  • Blankets
  • Heaters
  • Medically-necessary air conditioning

Applications are taken:

  • October 1 – April 30 for Elderly and Handicapped applicants
  • November 1 – April 30 for all applicants

Applicants are urged to visit our offices to speak with program staff. For more information contact the Outreach Center in the county where you live. Visit our Find Us page to find the MATURA Outreach Center nearest you.

Click here for mailable application
Click here for eligibility and how to apply

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Weatherization ….

The MATURA Weatherization program works closely with LIHEAP to help families increase their comfort and decrease home energy usage and cost.

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Applicants for weatherization are taken from LIHEAP clients and prioritized according to their heating costs. Homes are evaluated by MATURA staff and private contractors are hired to undertake weatherization services on the home.


Weatherization services include:

  • Insulation of attics, walls, and crawl spaces
  • Infiltration work such as caulking, sealing, and weather-stripping doors and windows
  • Furnace repair and replacement are also done on owner-occupied dwellings as needed

To be eligible for weatherization services, an application for LIHEAP must be completed. Please visit one of our Outreach Centers for more information and to apply for LIHEAP.