Independent Living Services

Chore Program …. (Madison County)

The Chore Services Program is a service provided to elderly low and moderate income residents to maintain their homes.

Elderly families find it more difficult to do everyday tasks without outside help. These families are able to stay by themselves but cannot always do the work necessary to maintain their homes.  

For more information contact Anne Withers at our Madison County office at 1724 N John Wayne Drive in Winterset.  For a map, please visit our Find Us page.


Volunteer Program …. (Taylor County)

The Volunteer program provides medical transportation, friendly visiting, and payee services to DHS-referred clients.

These services support the elderly and individuals with disabilities living in their homes through friendly, outside assistance. The Volunteer Program is funded by the Iowa Department of Human Services in Taylor County.

For more information contact Lydia Brumfield at our Taylor County office at 607 Madison Street in Bedford. For a map, please visit our  Find Us page.